Saturday, 12 May 2012

A day trip to Agra

Same Day Agra Tour:

Taj Mahal is outstandingly beautiful marble building, built by Mughal King Shah Jahan in the memory of her late wife Mumtaj Mahal in 16th Centuary. It is an example of sheer brilliance of exceptional Mughal architecture and intricate carving on marble stone. 20,000 workers had been employed for 22 years to build an incredible marble building. Visiting Taj Mahal is itself a life time experience. The love and emotion emperor Shah Jahan had for his beloved wilfe Mumtaj can be felt here and it motivates others too. It is often called as love monument. It also comes under one of the wonders of the world.

Taj Mahal is located in Agra, which is well connected by all the major cities of north India by train and by road as well. Agra is 200 km away from the Delhi. There are very good frequency of trains between these two cities, considering being tourist destination. Shatabdi train is most popular amongst others running in this sector. It takes merely 1 hrs and 55 minutes to reach Agra from Delhi and vice-verse. It does not operate on Friday as Taj Mahal is closed on Friday. Looking at the connectivity and frequency of trainssame day Agra tour by train from Delhi has become the most popular tour now a day amongst tourists. When you are in Delhi, Agra can easily be accessed by train or by road as well in a day trip.  This tour is being used by all kinds of travelers whether leisure tourists or corporate, all loving it.

What thing in Taj Mahal draws an attention of millions of travelers worldwide? Its intricate carving on marble stone and unique Mughal architectural style, therefore it is worth spending some time at the monument itself once in a life time. Besides, there are many other significant monuments in Agra such as Fatehpur Sikri – an abandoned city, Agra Fort and Sikandara. Fatehpur Sikri is 40 km away from Agra.
They are also truly worth seeing monuments. Taj Mahal is visited by road as this is 200 km away from New Delhi and takes 4 hours to reach Agra. One can have glimpses of country sides while going to Agra by surface which is also quiet amazing.  

Same day Agra tour from Delhi by train is very popular because its schedule suits every one whoever plans for a day trip excursion to Agra. Its departure time from New Delhi Railway station is at 06:15 AM, reaches Agra at 08:10 AM while returning from Agra, train leaves at 08:30 PM from Agra reaches back in 2 hours. All the monuments may be covered in a day Trip but you want to do this in more relaxed way, there are plant y of tour options available by putting up there for an overnight.