Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Things to do - On Agra Day Tour

Agra was once the imperial seat of Mughal Empire under the reign of great Emperors like Akbar, Shah Jahan between 15th to 16th centuries. Agra comes under the state of Uttarpradesh at a distance of 200 km south of the capital city of India, New Delhi. Agra has seen the best of Mughal era as it has given Agra the world’s most beautiful marble building Taj Mahal. The legacy of Mughals and their love for art is truly shown on buildings like Redfort and Fatehpur Sikri in Agra. Agra is blessed with three UNESCO world heritage sites such as Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikiri. Taj Mahal is flocked by thousands of visitors every day. There are many things to do while on city tour of Agra.

Visit to the monuments of Agra:

Once landed, first thing comes in mind that is to visit Taj Mahal in Agra. It is a prime attraction of all as it is an epitome of love and often called as symbol of love. Taj Mahal is not just a symbolic monument but also a wonder itself when it comes to the making of this marble mausoleum. What amazes tourist the most, the history and an engineering work behind the structure of Taj Mahal. 

The construction of Taj Mahal was ordered by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1631, completed the structure in 22 years with the help of 20,000 worker. People visit and admire an extraordinary engineering work dates back in 16th century without any modern or sophisticated machine that time. It gets you indulged at least for half a day when go to see Taj. Here, we would like to focus on other aspects besides visiting prime attractions.

Visit to the marble factories:

Agra is a cultural city and home to many small industries in and around the city. Visit to the marble factories in Agra is an experience itself, where skilled artisans come from nearby villages can be seen working hard to prevent an ancestral art of inlay work on marble. 

Detailed process of making the marble items from cutting, carving and using semi precious stones to the finished masterpiece on the best of marble can also be seen. A wide range of marble masterpieces such as marble tables, replica of Taj etc are good souvenirs to take home for loved ones.

Visit to the carpet factories: 

Visiting carpet factories are also a good experience in Agra. The process of making carpets traditionally is undoubtedly a rare art by the skilled workers. 

One has to learn this ancestral art of weaving the carpet from their forefathers and to keep this art form alive, teach their children the same art. One can get quality carpets of all size and colours in Agra.

Go to see Leather Items in Market:

Buying leather items in Agra such as shoos, belts, begs is a shopping delight. There are many small leather factories in and around Agra, which manufactures such items.

Buying handicraft items is a boost for artisans who indulge in preventing rare art forms of making products in Agra. It can also help keeping these rare art forms alive that are certainly an asset to the world.

Kala Kriti show:  “Mohabbat the Taj”

One must go to see an astonishing show called “Mohabbat the Taj” at Kalakriti art gallery in Agra. It is an impressive show where an amazing replica of Taj being shown in different shades and colours. Handicraft mall can also be explored here while touring Kalakriti that is showcasing an excelled Indian handicrafts ranging from masterpiece of marble, metal, wood & threads leave any connoisseur spellbound.

Mathura and Vrindavan:

When time permits during city tour of Agra. One can visit Mathura and Vrindavan as well. These twin towns are located near Agra at a distance of just 60 km. Mathura and Vrindavan are regarded an oldest & holy cities of India. Mathura is also called as ‘Krishna Janm Bhumi’ literally means the birth place of Lord Shree Krishna. It is birth place of Lord Shree Krishna. There are many temples here dedicated to Lord Shree Krishna. Vrindavan is a place where Lord Krishna spent his youth.World famous Banke Bihariji Temple is located here in Vrindavan.

Those were highlights of things to do on same day Agra tour. If time permits, explore the city of Taj at your own would be fun.